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Oh man I forgot about doing this. Why am I the author? lol Its a little cringy watching something and hearing myself voicing it lol

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There are so many good things to be said about this that I don't even know where to start. AMAZING work, I can really tell that there was a LOT of time and work put into this animation. All of the dark themes and the chase scenes were so surreal and pulled of fantastically. I don't animate but I can tell this is WAY up there compared to most.

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Lol what a game, didn't even credit me for the intro music and voice acting in this game..tsk tsk xD still give it a 5 though, because I couldnt make it xD

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Some people you just can't impress, I tell ya. XD

At first, I really liked this game. A LOT. I had a few bugs along the way but it was fine I played through them, I beat every level except for the boss rush and I got all the coins and the treasure except I don't have the achievements for those for some reason. Guess I have to beat the boss rush. But gosh dangit the time trials are IMPOSSIBLE with the jumps bugging out. The jump bug has more than quadrupled since the beginning of the game and its insane and its horrible. Falling through platforms, sometimes spawning in the void, jumping past things, sometimes I even jump attack and I end up in places I shouldn't even be on some levels. This game has a great concept and I want to finish it so bad, but I just cant, its really stupid. I'm very upset and disappointed now. It was like a sweet candy that ended up leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.

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I have always loved this game! I keep coming back to play it too. I just started it on this account and I got 37336.3ft with no upgrades except the rock pack, which probably isnt that great, but I feel pretty great about it xD

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Super rad man. Love the synths you used for this and love the tune.

Pr0tagonist responds:

c'mere and gimme a kiss.

Then open up fl studio and compose some damned music.

Nice remix man, I really liked the techno integration to the song and the part at 2:00 with the glitches sounds really sick and the part after it with the leading techno part is really awesome too. Just basically all of the choices you made to add to the song were awesome. Great Job!

Just came back to this to listen with headphones and WOW the quality skyrockets to unreal levels and it sounds fantastic man, you really did a good job on it. Without the headphones the voices are really loud over the instruments and I couldn't hear any of the notes of the guitar or the intricacies of the drums. But really all of it sounds great. Deenouttadeenn! Er, well yanno 5/5

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Yeah, that's cause your speakers suck dude XD

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