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2016-02-29 17:20:37 by xWhitexFlamex

It has been much to long since I have uploaded, but alas now I cannot, because I had to reset my computer and lost many files including FL studio itself (which I dont own a physical copy of). So I can see what I have exported as mp3s and post bits of what would be, otherwise I have extremely limited means of creating. That being said I cant really make any electronic/chiptune music at this time so not sure what Ill be doing, life has changed a lot so what I have time for is different as well. Hopefully you enjoy what I do have up now and Ill upload random clips I have and such.

Music Status

2015-07-19 22:29:27 by xWhitexFlamex

Well its pretty clear that I havent posted something in awhile. So, by request of Larynachos, I have uploaded a couple of my acoustic songs. In the meantime, I do have a few video game type songs in the works,and hope to have at least one of them done this year lol. finishing things has proven to be quite difficult for me lately. Anyways hope you enjoy the acoustic tracks, I've got 1 or 2 more to come soon as well.

Edit: OH! By the way I have also posted a few drawings that I made in high school and I may also upload an animation or two I made. Keep an eye out for those this week too!

Super excited.

2014-03-03 03:56:04 by xWhitexFlamex

I jsut released my newest song: The Ruins! And Im super stoked about it, Ive been working on this one for a while and I didnt get very far on it but I pushed myself tonight and put all my effort into finishing it. Its nearing 3a.m and I should probably sleep. (Glad I dont have work tomorrow) But please check out the new track, Im really excited about it. Goodnight, goodmorrow and goodmorning to you all.


The situation

2014-02-26 01:43:18 by xWhitexFlamex

Alright so heres whats going on, I havent posted in a while but I have like a bunch of songs started and in the works and I hope to release soemthing in the next couple days or early March. Music for newgrounds isnt my primary focus but creating music is something I do for fun and Im pretty laid back with it but I will continue to post. Also I know I should be putting more updates up but yeah here's this one lol. Basically right now Ive got one song I plan to finish and release next for sure and also something pretty cool going on as well that youll find out, maybe before I release my next song, who knows. Anyways thanks if you took the time to read this and Im still active I just dont post as often as many would.. aaand yeah its like 12:48, Im going to bed....